State Summary of Priority Legislation

Last Updated: 11/26/2013

The final count of bills on the City's list of priority legislation that were forwarded to the Governor for his consideration was 53 bills. The government relations team, the City’s state lobbyist and coalition partners worked to advocate on an assortment of these bills until the final week of the legislative session. This is the final report on the list of priority legislation until a new list is established in February 2014.       

The number of bills on the priority legislation list fluctuated throughout the legislative session.  Ultimately, the City advocated on twenty-five bills that made it to the Governor’s desk and took a watch position on the remaining bills. The following is a breakdown of the actions the Governor took on the City’s priority bills:   

  • City supported bills – The Governor signed eight bills and vetoed two bills the City supported.
  • City opposed bills – The Governor signed 10 bills and vetoed five bills the City opposed. 
  • Watched bills – The Governor signed 21 bills and vetoed 7 bills the City was watching.  
The actions by the Governor on October 13 were the final actions on bills for this legislative session.  City staff has started the process of developing a final bill disposition list for each department that will include bills that were signed and/or vetoed, as well as, a list of 2-year bills that will be watched once the second year of the session begins this coming January.