Protect Yourself Against Utility Payment Scams

Last Updated: 11/25/2015

As your community-owned utility provider, one of our top priorities is to keep your personal and financial information safe from scams and fraudulent activity.  We follow procedures that regulate how we communicate with you, take payments and manage delinquent accounts, including the following:

1. We never ask customers to pay for utility services using cash, wire transfers (Western Union, MoneyGram) or gift cards (Greendot, MoneyPak).  If you get a request like this, it is a scam.

2. We never call customers directly and ask them to pay, no matter the status of their account.  We operate an automated phone notification system, letting customers know about late bills and delinquent accounts.  If you get a call from a live person requesting payment, it is a scam.

3. We never threaten to shut off services abruptly.  The City of Roseville employs a lengthy process to warn customers about delinquent bills, including mailers and automated telephone reminders.  If this is the first time you've been warned and payment is being demanded, it is a scam.

Finally, we encourage all of our customers to be proactive and report any suspicious activity.  Even if you are unsure, we urge you to contact our office at (916) 774-5300.  Your action to protect yourself may also protect other customers.

For more information on the most recent scam, please visit our Finance, Utility Billing Department website by clicking HERE.