New Data Service Delivery Center to Open in Roseville

Last Updated: 5/5/2014

Quest, a technology management company, announced plans to open a new 120,000 square foot data service delivery center in Roseville.  The decision by Quest to expand to Roseville demonstrates the company's commitment to growing operations in California, and Roseville’s position as a premium location for data centers.

Quest will lease the 120,000 square foot space from Cokeva, filling a building recently purchased by Cokeva from Hewlett-Packard.

Quest’s decision to move operations to Roseville was fueled by a variety of factors essential to its business operations, including the low risk for seismic activity and flooding in industrial areas.  Other attractive features include its central location, affordable utility rates and business-friendly climate, all streamlined by a flexible permitting process.  As a full-service city, Roseville owns and operates all of the electric, water, waste water, refuse, public safety and recreational services.  This gives businesses a one-stop shop to get their questions answered and issues resolved.

Roseville Electric, the City’s community-owned electric utility provider, will provide Quest with an affordable and reliable source of electricity to power operations.  With some of the lowest municipal utility rates in the state, the award-winning electric utility is an attractive component for any business looking to set up operations in the region.   

In addition to its attractive business climate, Roseville is also a place where people want to live.  Recently ranked as one of the top cities in California for young families, the City boasts an educated and tech-savvy workforce.  For these reasons and more, Roseville is the perfect place to locate a data center.

For more information about Roseville Electric’s award winning services, please visit our website at or call (916) 79-POWER (797-6937).