Groundwater Wells Turned Off

Last Updated: 5/15/2017

Due to increased precipitation in recent weeks, the City of Roseville has turned off its groundwater wells. They will remain off until further notice.

"Balancing the water supplies we have available from these latest storms against the cost to operate the groundwater wells, we feel we can suspend the use of the wells for now," said Roseville Environmental Utilities Director Ed Kriz.

The groundwater wells were activated on January 27, 2014 in response to persistent dry conditions and to ease the strain on water supplies at Folsom Reservoir.

"While the region is certainly not out of the drought, the recent storms have helped and made the shutoff of the wells possible. The City will continue to monitor the water supply situation and may restart use of the groundwater wells in the future," said Kriz. 

Groundwater is safe to drink and meets all state and federal drinking water standards although some customers may notice a difference in water characteristics. To learn more visit or call 774-5750.

The groundwater wells provide water to City of Roseville water customers and not to Roseville residents and businesses who are customers of San Juan Water District, Placer County Water Agency or Citrus Heights Water District.