You Are Not Alone--Roseville Police offering new telephone reassurance program for disabled and homebound seniors

Last Updated: 4/28/2014

The Roseville Police Department is offering a new telephone reassurance program for disabled or housebound seniors who live in Roseville. Police volunteers will call those enrolled in this free, voluntary program at a pre-arranged day and time each week to check on their well-being.

The volunteers have a variety of local resources at their fingertips to offer enrollees, to help them become more empowered and connected to the community. If the senior doesn't answer the phone after a few attempts, we'll take a series of follow-up steps to ensure their safety and well-being, including a possible home visit.

Senior residents can enroll themselves in the program, or they can be referred by a concerned relative or friend. Both applications and referral forms are available on our website at , or by leaving a message at (916)746-1062.