Cap and Trade Auction Results in One-Time Customer Bill Credit

Last Updated: 5/5/2014

These credits are a result of mandated fees charged by the state through California’s cap-and-trade program, a program designed to reduce California’s greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by the year 2020. This program is one of several, approved by the Roseville City Council earlier this year and developed as a result of legislation passed in 2006 designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in California.

As an electric utility, Roseville receives an annual allocation of free carbon allowances from the state. We use a portion of the allowances to meet obligations created by the generation at the Roseville Energy Park, and the rest must be auctioned through the California Air Resources Board’s auction.

Proceeds from the auctions must be used in accordance with specific Air Resources Board requirements, and to meet the goals of greenhouse gas reduction laws. As a result, a portion of Roseville Electric Utility’s proceeds will be credited to customers on their bill. The remaining balance of the proceeds have been set aside to fund low income and small business rebate programs, and for future plans to upgrade customer meters.

The bill credits to our customers are intended to help them pursue efforts that result in lower greenhouse emissions. Customers can use the bill credit any way they choose, but can save even more money by investing it in energy-saving technologies. As an example, residential customers could use their credit to replace existing light bulbs with more efficient CFLs or LEDs.  Customers can find more information about saving energy and available rebates at