Community coming together to help meet water reduction target in the face of persistent drought

Last Updated: 9/4/2017

Although the storms in February and March were a welcomed sight, the recent snow pack survey completed on May 1, shows snow pack at just 18 percent of average for this time of year.  With the precipitation season over and with a limited runoff from the Sierra Nevada mountains expected, the summer and fall will continue to make this a challenging drought.

That is why it is so critical that Roseville water customers help do their part to help reduce water use this year by 20 percent.  So far, Roseville residents and businesses have responded by reducing overall water demand this year through April by 12.6%.  

January had above average usage, bringing down the overall savings, but customers responded to the City's drought declaration with an average 20% reduction from February through April. This response shows that our community is taking this direct situation seriously and community members are doing their part to reduce water use through efficiency.

We encourage everyone to continue to do their part to reduce their use.  If you need help on ways to save water in your household sign up for the WaterInsight Program.  This online tool is available to our customers free of charge providing data on your household's water use, compares your use to other households of similar structure and lot size and serves up specific ideas that you can implement in your home to save water.  

You can also schedule a Water Wise House Call and have a trained technician come to your house to evaluate your irrigation system, check for leaks, help you schedule your irrigation timer and more.  Schedule your appointment online or call 774-5761.

For additional resources on how to save water, go to

We appreciate the conservation efforts Roseville water customers have made so far but we have more to do.  With the drought persisting, we will need that same commitment to use water efficiently for the months to come.