Development Services and Fire Department Fee Changes

Last Updated: 7/29/2014

Following a significant amount of public outreach, on June 4th, 2014, the Roseville City Council approved changes to the Building, Planning, and Fire Department fee structures. The effective date for these amendments is Monday, August 18th, 2014.

Here is a short summary of affected fees:

Entitlement fees for the City have been adjusted to reflect full-cost recovery of time and materials for all departments that spend time reviewing development proposals. In the past, time was billed only for the Planning Division's review, and did not reflect the review time expended by other City development departments.

Fire Department fees have been adjusted to reflect time, materials, and business processes. These fees reflect the actual time spent processing permits and in some cases the fees are less. Overall, the fees have been adjusted to reflect the actual cost for services. 

The Building Department fee structure has also been updated to reflect the results of the 2013/2014 Building Permit fee study which correlates the valuations based on the square foot costs of permitting, plan review, and inspection services. Here are a few highlights: 

· Single Family production homes: The developer will see a change in valuation ($110 for conditioned space/ $32.50 for garages) and a change in the plan check and inspection fees. As of August 18th, single family production home submittals will require $400 plan check deposit and with a $101 Planning Plot Plan Review Fee per batch or ten permits.

· Commercial: For Commercial projects, all valuations will be calculated per the Building Standards valuation tables and/or fixed values per permit type and/or per square feet for specific uses.

· Over the Counter: Over the counter permits will define minimum valuations as set forth in the ordinance. A minimum permit fee of $50, and a minimum administrative fee of $43 will now be required.

The Development Services Department publishes comprehensive fee booklets to assist in calculating the various fees associated with development in Roseville. These booklets are also available at the Permit Center.