Foothills Business Park Trail construction in progress

Last Updated: 9/11/2014

Construction is occurring approximately August 11 - October 15 on the Foothills Business Park Trail. The project is a Class I multi-use trail that will close a gap in the Pleasant Grove Creek trail system and connect nearby residences to the employment centers along Foothills Boulevard. The path will also enhance recreational bicycling, walking and jogging, and maintenance vehicle access.

The trail will run approximately 1,600 feet along the south side of Pleasant Grove Creek from an existing paved path (installed by the Diamond Woods residential project) to Foothills Boulevard. 

This project is identified as a priority project in the City of Roseville Bicycle Master Plan and the Foothills Business Park Annexation Master Plan.

Have questions about this project? We’re here to help. Contact Public Works by calling 746-1300.

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