State grant funding offsets costs to build two new groundwater pumps

Last Updated: 11/18/2014

The city received $1.1 million grant as part of a larger regional allocation -- more than $10 million -- from the state's Department of Water Resources.   These monies are set aside to fund groundwater water projects – something that is crucial given the current drought and necessary to decrease the region’s reliance on Folsom Lake during extremely dry conditions.

In Roseville, the grant funds will offset the construction costs to build two groundwater pump stations. One will move up to 8.6 million gallons of groundwater per day from within Roseville to other parts of the City. A second facility will provide up to seven million gallons of groundwater per day supplied through an existing connection by Sacramento Suburban Water District.

The pump stations will allow Roseville to provide groundwater supply to areas otherwise dependent upon water from Folsom Lake during times of drought or emergency.

The project provides both immediate and long-term benefits, allowing Roseville to supplement surface water supplies in the near term and over the longer-term wet and dry cycles experienced in the region.