Groundwater well testing in northwestern Roseville

Last Updated: 2/6/2015

Environmental Utilities staff is performing equipment testing on two new groundwater wells located on the northwestern portion of the City. This project ensures that our community has a reliable supply of water, especially during a drought, by constructing groundwater wells that will reduce our reliance on surface water supplies from Folsom Lake.

On Wednesday, February 4, we will begin testing and will be completed early next week.

As part of the process, we will turn the wells on and off intermittently and perform a variety of tests to ensure that the wells function properly.

Groundwater is safe to drink and contains a higher mineral content than the surface water customers are accustomed. We anticipate that some groundwater will enter the water distribution system, but since it will combine with a majority of surface water from Folsom Lake, customers should not notice a difference.

Should you notice a difference in taste, please be assured that the water is treated and tested to meet the highest drinking water standards, and is safe to consume.