A quick update: Roseville’s water supply

Last Updated: 5/15/2017

Roseville’s drinking water comes from surface water supplies from Folsom Lake.  The Federal Bureau of Reclamation, as part of the Central Valley Project, manages this facility. Every year, the Bureau announces an annual water allocation that describes the amount of water Roseville will receive.  Last year, we received 50 percent of normal.  This year, the Bureau said that the initial allocation is 25 percent of normal, based on precipitation, snow pack and other factors currently. 

We will receive final word in May, but we don’t anticipate this number decreasing.  In fact, if weather conditions change and we get a wet March with more snow pack in the Sierra, our water outlook can change.

Nevertheless, Roseville’s continued water efficiency efforts and diversified water portfolio will protect customers’ water reliability. In addition to the water received from the Central Valley Project, Roseville:

  • Has the ability to purchase water from other agencies.
  • Can activate groundwater wells, which can provide millions of gallons of supplemental water. 
  • Irrigates many parks, golf courses and road medians in west Roseville with recycled water, creating an offset to preserve drinking water.

We need your help, though.  Roseville customers have responded to the need for saving water by reducing water use 20 percent last year.  Let’s continue that trend.
We can help you achieve water savings.  Visit roseville.ca.us/savewater or call 774-5761 to get water saving tips, learn more about our rebate programs, or to schedule a FREE Water Wise House call.