Water use down in March nearly 19 percent

Last Updated: 5/15/2017

Roseville customers continue to reduce water use as the state endures a fourth year of a drought.  March numbers show that residents and businesses have reduced water use by nearly 19 percent over this time in 2013. Since the start of the year, water consumption in Roseville is down 14.9 percent.

As the warmer months approach, customers are encouraged to do the following:

• Check to make sure your landscape actually needs water before turning on sprinklers. An easy way to do this is by using a screwdriver to check soil moisture: Stick a six -inch screwdriver into the ground. If you can push it more than three inches below the surface, your landscape does not need to be watered.

• Be vigilant about stopping runoff, which occurs when you apply more water at one time than the soil can absorb. If runoff occurs, re-schedule your sprinkler timer for shorter segments with multiple start times.

• Retain moisture that is applied by adding two to three inches of organic mulch around trees and plants to reduce evaporation. Mulch is like icing on a cake, because it keeps the soil moist the way icing keeps a cake moist. Mulch slows evaporation, allowing water to sink into the soil, moderates soil temperature and breaks down into nutrients for plants.

In addition to outdoor water saving tactics, customers can also sign up for Water Insight, a web-based tool that tracks your home's water use and provides ways to save.