What the new drought ordinance means to you

Sign up at Roseville.WaterInsight.com to track your use

Last Updated: 5/15/2017

The news is filled with stories about the drought and new requirements to reduce water use, but what it means on a personal level is not always clear. So here’s the short story on what the new drought ordinance requires of each Roseville household:

  1. Cut back on water use by 28 percent of what you used in 2013.
  2. Limit the days you water to Monday and Friday only(for residential customers)—with no runoff onto sidewalks and into gutters. Drip irrigation on plants, trees and shrubs is still allowed on other days.

How can I tell if I’m hitting my 28 percent goal?

Sign up for our Water Insight usage tracker at roseville.waterinsight.com. Water Insight is a free service that tells you how much water your household used compared to average and water-efficient households. You’ll also see how your own water use compares to historical usage over the previous 12 months and receive personalized tips on ways to use less.

Your utility bill shows your current usage in cubic feet and compares your current usage with the same month last year. This is helpful but it doesn’t compare your usage to 2013, the baseline year.
With the exception of limiting lawn irrigation to two days per week and eliminating runoff, how you achieve your 28 percent reduction is up to you. We offer several practical tips, that can help you make the necessary cutbacks, on our website at roseville.ca.us/savewater.

What if I want to replace my lawn with drought-tolerant plants, is the Cash for Grass rebate program still available?

As you can imagine, Cash for Grass has been extremely popular with customers who want to earn rebates of $.50 per square foot (up to $1,000) to replace turf grass with water-wise landscaping. While the next round of funding for the program will become available on July 1, 2015, there’s already a long waiting list of people who have applied for rebates. You’re welcome
to submit an application to earn a place on the waiting list, but funding is going fast.
Instead of waiting, consider doing it on your own or with a landscape professional who specializes in water-efficient landscape design. Many people are taking advantage of the low-cost green-gardening workshops available through the Utility Exploration Center to learn about converting lawns, creating water-efficient landscapes, and more. Visit roseville.ca.us/explore to learn
about and register for upcoming workshops.

Are you fining people who waste water?

We can and will issue citations and fines, if necessary. But we find that most residents have no idea when they’re wasting water. It’s usually an improperly set irrigation timer, misaligned sprinkler pattern, or broken sprinkler head that’s causing the problem. We’ve found that a notice placed on the door and an informative conversation about how to fix the problem usually takes care of the issue.