City continues to provide water to Linda Creek

Last Updated: 9/16/2015

Despite the fourth year of a drought, the City continues to release potable water to both Linda Creek and Tree Lake Village. Last Wednesday, Environmental Utilities Director, Rich Plecker, provided an update on situation at the City Council meeting on August 19.

Here are several background points to remember:

  • Since mid-July, we have released potable water from our Water Treatment Plant to the creek at more than half the amount in normal years. This represents a mandatory water use reduction that the City must follow in order to comply with the Governor’s Executive Order.
  • Some have inquired about using recycled water to supplement flow to the creek. Unfortunately, this resource cannot be used as artificial flow for Linda Creek. There are specific permit requirements that dictate how this water can be used. More specifically, recycled water can only be delivered by a system of purple pipes to irrigate parks, golf courses or landscape medians, or licensed building or landscape contractors can purchase it for dust control, soil mitigation, street sweeping or to supplement outdoor irrigation. Any other uses are prohibited and goes against the state permit.
  • The creeks in Roseville abut a number of private properties and land uses. Once we release to the creek, it flows through other jurisdictions and the city has no control over any private uses outside of Roseville.
We understand individuals concerns with natural wildlife movement and have identified an authorized and licensed wildlife rescue program that residents can contact to relocate wildlife in the event they become trapped or stranded. More information here:

Additional information from the California Department Fish and Wildlife regarding the drought and wild animals can be found here.