2012 IT Awards

Last Updated: 11/23/2015

The City of Roseville Information Technology (IT) Department is pleased to announce receipt of two awards from Municipal Information Systems Association of California (MISAC).

MISAC Quality in IT Practices Award
The Quality in IT Practices program recognizes a baseline performance level for IT in the Municipal government environment.  The areas surveyed for this award are: Technology Governance, Strategic Planning, Policies and Procedures, Budgeting & Purchasing, Operations and Staffing, Customer Satisfaction, Project Management, Professional Development & Training, Emergency Management, GIS and Enterprise Security.

MISAC President Award
The Presidents award is intended for recognizing an organization that has shown an outstanding contribution to MISAC or the Municipal Information Technology field.   Our submission focused on using an innovative and collaborative approach for addressing a need in the City.  An independent audit recommended that the City hire a Chief Security / Compliance Officer.  An alternate and creative solution was fostered to create a citywide committee to address the security and compliance needs (Enterprise Security Committee).  The award was presented for innovation, cost avoidance and working collaboratively for addressing security requirements while balancing competing business priorities.