CIO - IT Communication (Cyber Security Awareness - Continuous Efforts To Protect The City)

Last Updated: 10/27/2016

Information Privacy & Cyber Security are Hot Topics These Days …The Internet has risen up to be the melting pot of all social networking, banking, shopping, researching and conducting business activities. Unfortunately, it has also created another passage for cyber hacking and digital criminal activities.

How Does The City Protect Our Infrastructure, Business & Customer Information & Data?
Aside from the confidential security methodology that we utilize to protect the City, our team has put into effect many other measures to protect the critical infrastructure and business/customer account information. For example:

  • Maintaining a multi-layer security program that combines people, tools, controls and technologies to protect our data.
  • Working collaboratively with many private businesses and governmental agencies to address any potential threats / malware outbreak, and continuously monitor our systems through an automated notification system.
  • Using advanced encryption technology to secure our communication with all external websites (using https:// protocol and virtual private networks-VPN).
  • Utilizing firewall & anti-virus programs with pattern analysis & advanced analytical systems to detect suspicious activity, and preventing unauthorized access to City’s systems.
  • Limiting the number of individuals who have access to personal/customer and sensitive information.
  • Providing e-learning and information tool sets to educate the team about privacy and security.
  • Ensuring Citywide cyber insurance coverage for all Internet business transactions.
  • Maintaining other operational controls including policy, such as limiting the number of Administrators (Super-User privilege) on the computers and performing regular network penetration testing.

    What Can You Do To Help Protect The City?
    Security is a partnership effort among all of us. We work hard to protect your information to make sure our businesses & customer information is safe! You can help by doing your best to take the preventive steps with recommended best practices – some of these include:
  • Secure Your Mobile Device
  • Keep Your Operating & Security Program Up-To-Date
  • Beware of Phishing Email & Ransomware
  • Stop/Think before You Connect/Post To Internet or Social Media Sites, & Change Your Password Regularly