Continue the water saving trend in 2016

Last Updated: 1/21/2016

The Sacramento region reduced water use by 30 percent in 2015.  For Roseville, it was a whopping 33 percent!  Now that we have begun a new year, lets continue the great work.

Not sure if your New Year's resolution including saving water  but get our top four things you can do to continue the water saving trend!

  • Turn off sprinklers until spring and let El Nino do the watering: With winter’s shorter and rainy days, your landscape typically doesn’t need any extra water.
  • Replace older, water-wasting fixtures and appliances with high-efficiency models. This is especially true for toilets, clothes washers and showerheads, which together account for the majority of indoor water use. Remember to look for the WaterSense label.
  • Limit shower time: Less time in the shower can pay off with big savings, even if you already have a water-efficient showerhead. Keeping showers to five minutes (instead of 10) will save 12.5 gallons every time.
  • Wash only full loads of laundry: Waiting until the washer is full can save 15 to 45 gallons per load, depending upon the efficiency of your machine. Other water-wise laundry tips: Wash clothes in cold water (which will also retain their color) to save energy, select the minimum amount of water required per load (for machines with a variable water volume setting) and use the shortest wash cycle for lightly soiled clothes.

For more information visit our water conservation web page.