Roseville continues to be recognized as national flood protection leader

Last Updated: 9/4/2017

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has again rated Roseville number one in flood control. Roseville is a nationally recognized leader in flood preparation, and the only city in the country to hold a Class 1 rating from FEMA’s Community Rating System. FEMA rates communities on how effectively they manage public information, mapping and regulatory standards, flood damage reduction and preparedness. Roseville’s top rating means flood insurance discounts of up to 45% for residents and businesses.

Since the historic floods in January 1995 when 358 structures were flooded, the City of Roseville has completed more that $20 million in flood mitigation projects like stream widening, flood walls and storm water bypass channels. In addition, improved development standards and more accurate floodplain modeling have ensured that structures built in Roseville since the 1980s have not incurred flooding problems related to creek levels.

Learn more about Roseville’s floodplain management and view stream level information. Contact City of Roseville Public Works by calling 746-1300 or e-mailing