Customers encouraged to continue water saving ways

Last Updated: 8/15/2016

Earlier this year, Mother Nature greeted us with increased rainfall and a healthy snowpack, positioning us with ample water supplies throughout the spring and summer. This change was a welcome sight to many in Northern California—and provided much needed relief from drought conditions.

Because of the change in water conditions, the State Water Board took action and developed community-specific water use requirements. For communities like Roseville, it meant a reduced level of conservation because we have adequate water supplies to meet current customer demand.

While we’re not under required conservation measures, we want customers to continue their water-saving ways by maintaining some of those behaviors developed over the last several years when stretching water resources was necessary. 

That’s why we are encouraging customers to adopt a 10 percent voluntary reduction goal over 2013 water usage through January of next year.

This voluntary reduction goal acknowledges that even though water supply conditions have improved locally, there are still areas within our state where drought conditions remain.

Not to mention, we must be aware that one above average year of rainfall doesn’t protect us from future dry years, particularly as Folsom Lake will become even more important to help manage fisheries and water quality flows in the Lower American River and in the Delta.

One of the biggest and immediate water-saving practices includes adjusting your sprinklers by season. We recommend a three-day-per-week watering schedule, which will change to two- days-per-week during September and October.