Oak Street Parking Facility construction underway

Will provide 429 more free downtown parking spaces

Last Updated: 6/15/2017

At its September 7 meeting, the Roseville City Council approved the overall funding required for the Oak Street Parking Facility project.  This approval cleared the way for construction to begin.  The contractor is scheduled to install construction fencing around the project perimeter on September 12.

C. Overaa & Co. will be the contractor on our project.  They have constructed 65+ parking garages throughout Northern California, including the most recent garage constructed at the Roseville Galleria Mall. 

The project, which is expected to take 10 months to complete, will initially involve demolition, grading, and utility work.  The actual structure will begin to take shape when concrete pours start in late October/early November.



The Oak Street Parking Garage will provide 429 free parking spaces in a 7 level structure.  Designated parking spaces include:

  • 9 Handicap Accessible spaces  
  • 6 Electric Vehicle Chargers
  • 32 Clean Air Vehicle/Carpool spaces
  • 11 Motorcycle spaces
  • 24 Bicycle spaces
The garage will provide entrances accessible from Vernon Street and Oak Street and exits to Lincoln Street and Oak Street.  Pedestrians or bicyclists can easily travel from Oak Street to the garage and Vernon Street via elevators, stairwells, or the bike ramp. 

Security features include cameras at every entrance and exit, LED lighting throughout the garage, and a sprinkler system supported by a fire pump.

Exterior improvements include landscaping and changes to the pedestrian pathway from the garage to Vernon Street and from Vernon Street to Atlantic Street.  The pedestrian walkways will be significantly widened and streetlights will be added to better light these routes. 

Additional lighting will also be added on the alley-side exterior of the garage to improve visibility along the adjacent section of Republican Alley.


The Oak Street Parking Garage will provide ample parking to meet the demands of the Downtown for years to come.  When completed, there will be one of two large parking garages within a block or two of most locations throughout the Vernon Street commercial corridor.

In the interim, this downtown parking map shows where all of the current public parking lots are in Downtown Roseville.  These lots, and the available on-street parking spaces, will provide the parking needed to support the area during this construction project.