Pleasant Grove wastewater plant undergoes expansion

Last Updated: 6/14/2017

Your Roseville utilities help purify millions of gallons of wastewater every day at two treatment facilities. This infrastructure ensures that when you flush the toilet, do a load of laundry or take a shower, that water is treated before it enters Roseville’s creeks.

Work is underway right now on a multimillion dollar expansion project to increase the treatment capacity at the Pleasant Grove Wastewater Treatment Plant (PGWWTP). Once this expansion is completed in 2020, the wastewater treatment process will include enough capacity to meet future demands over the next 20 years. 

 “We want to maximize our treatment process to keep pace with our growing community and make sure that our services are even more reliable than ever before,” said Ken Glotzbach, wastewater utility manager for Roseville. “Not only will this project help with the treatment process, it includes other benefits that help the environment and create energy resources.”

Through a process called anaerobic digestion, the improvements made at PGWWTP will allow us to create methane gas that can either be converted to Compressed Natural Gas and electricity – both of which create opportunities to reuse resources that are both economically and environmentally sustainable.  

To boost energy production at the PGWWTP, we are developing programs to collect energy-laden waste streams. Partnering with our Solid Waste Utility, food waste could be processed in new anaerobic digesters at the expanded wastewater facility, in addition to Fats, Oils, and Grease collected from restaurant grease interceptors.

Although this plant resides in the city of Roseville, the Pleasant Grove facility is a regional plant, servicing Roseville residents and businesses as well as portions of Placer County and the city of Rocklin.

This joint-venture is funded by the partners that comprise the South Placer Wastewater Authority, which includes Roseville, along with Placer County and the South Placer Municipal Utilities District.  As Roseville embarks on the development of this project, we are pursuing funding opportunities, like state or federal grants, to offset the cost of this large capital improvement project.