Flashing yellow arrows: a more effective left turn signal

Last Updated: 6/28/2017

Have you ever waited at a red light to turn left when there were no cars coming and it was clear to go? This can be frustrating  as well as cost you time and fuel. The solution is a type of traffic signal with a flashing yellow left-turn arrow.

This means you are allowed to cautiously enter the intersection to make your left turn after yielding to oncoming traffic.

A new signal with this feature will be installed at the intersection of Industrial Avenue and Freedom Way in early November. You will also see them in the near future in other communities around the Sacramento area. 

Flashing yellow arrow intersections are proven to be more efficient—reducing traffic delays and emissions, saving you time and money. These signals have been successfully used for years in other cities in northern California, Reno, and around the country. 

Watch the brief animation below to see how it works. Learn more by visiting roseville.ca.us/FlashingYellowArrow.