Police Activity Log, November 15-28, 2016

Last Updated: 1/30/2017

General caution about mail:  We’re still seeing a lot of nighttime mailbox break-ins.  Please pick up your mail as soon as you can, and don’t let it sit in your mailbox overnight.  If you're going on vacation, have USPS hold your mail until you return.  The safest way to handle your outgoing mail is to hand it to your carrier or mail it at a post office.  If you see or hear anything suspicious around a community mailbox, call us right away.

Beat 1 (northeast Roseville)
Olympus Pointe, drug & stolen property arrests:  At 10:19 a.m. November 20, officers and Roseville firefighter-paramedics responded to a call of two people passed out in their car in a car wash parking lot on Douglas near Sierra College Boulevard.  Officers found methamphetamine, concentrated cannabis, drug paraphernalia, burglar’s tools, and property that had been stolen from a vehicle in Loomis that night.  Officers arrested two 18-year-old males from Elk Grove.  (2016-73210)

Olympus Pointe, mail theft:  Overnight November 21/22, someone broke into cluster mailboxes on Du Bois Drive, Du Pont way and Chappelle Drive.

East Roseville Parkway, disturbance:  At about 1:30 p.m. November 16, officers were dispatched to help a distraught man outside the hospital emergency room. He had barricaded himself in his vehicle and was threatening to harm himself.  Officers talked to him for over two hours until he agreed to come out of his vehicle, and was taken into the hospital for evaluation.  (2016-72444)

East Roseville Parkway, theft:  At about 5 a.m. November 17, two people broke into a fenced car lot in the 2000 block of Taylor Road.  An employee caught them in the act of breaking into a car.  They had already taken the hood of the car off.  They ran away, leaving the car part behind.  (2016-72588)

Beat 2 (east Roseville)
Johnson Ranch, vehicle theft (Honda Hunter Special):  Between November 13 and November 16, someone stole a white 2001 Saturn SL2 four-door from an apartment complex in the 1700 block of East Roseville Parkway.  (2016-72474)

South Cirby, vehicle theft: At about 4:20 a.m. November 17, a man parked his black 2013 Toyota Tundra pickup outside a convenience store in the 2000 of South Cirby Way, and left it running while he stepped inside to buy coffee.  Two males jumped into the pickup and took off.  (2016-72586)

Cirby Ranch, stolen vehicle:  Between 11:30 November 26 and 12:40 a.m. November 27, someone stole a 1993 Toyota pickup from the 1300 block of Greenborough Drive. The truck was later found abandoned in Citrus Heights. (2016-74613)

Beat 3 (central Roseville south of the rail yard)
Cirbyside, disturbance:  At 3:37 a.m. November 21, officers responded to the area of Douglas Blvd. and Sunrise Avenue, to a report that an intoxicated man had jumped out of a family member’s car and was having suicidal thoughts. The man went to the 1100 block of Conroy Lane and walked toward the retaining wall between the residential area and I-80, with family members following and trying to stop him.  Several officers struggled with and eventually restrained the man, took him to the hospital to be checked out, and then booked him into jail on suspicion of resisting officers.  (2016-73349)

Cresthaven, mail box tampering:  Sometime on or before November 18, someone broke into cluster mailboxes in the 600 and 800 blocks of Portside Circle.

Cresthaven, stolen vehicle (Honda Hunter Special*):  Overnight November 24/25, someone stole a white 1995 Honda Civic four-door from the 300 block of Cirby Way.  (2016-74267)

Theiles Manor, parolee arrest:  At 2 a.m. November 16, officers went to a home in the 1100 block of Windermere to arrest a resident on a warrant for parole violation.  They detained the man and searched the house, finding several firearms.  The 39-year-old man was arrested on his parole warrant and for being a felon in possession of firearms.  (2016-72343)

Folsom Road, robbery:  Just before 8 p.m. November 26, a man approached a young woman sitting in the drive-through at McDonald’s on Harding Boulevard, put a handgun to her head and demanded her property.  She gave him her property and he ran away.  Witnesses saw him run into a nearby hotel room.  Officers surrounded the hotel and contacted several people, eventually arresting a 19-year-old Sacramento man on suspicion of robbery and possession of a firearm and ammunition by a felon.  Officers searched his room, finding the victim’s property and the handgun.  (2016-74550)

Enwood, disturbance:  At 8:45 p.m. November 18, officers responded to the sounds of a disturbance in William Taylor Park. They found a man in the park, shirtless on a chilly night.  He seemed to be hallucinating and at times challenged officers.  The officers talked to him for over half an hour before he surrendered to them peacefully.  He was taken to the hospital to be evaluated.  (2016-72955)

Beat 4 (central Roseville north of the rail yard)
Vineyard, stolen property arrest:   At 6:10 p.m. November 20, an officer checked on two people in a parking lot in the 3000 block of Foothills Boulevard. One of the people initially gave the officer somebody else’s name, and had another person’s ID and debit card.  Once the officer found out her real name, the officer found out she had an outstanding Sacramento County warrant for auto theft. The 24-year-old Roseville woman was arrested on the warrant, using somebody else’s name and possessing somebody else’s ID.  (2016-73281)

Kaseberg/Kingswood, vehicle theft:  Between 10:30 and 11:20 p.m. November 22, someone stole a 1990 Toyota pickup from the 1400 block of Kingswood Drive.  Sacramento Sheriff’s deputies found the stolen truck on November 24, and made an arrest.  (2016-73772)

Kaseberg/Kingswood, stolen mail:  Overnight November 24/25, someone broke into mail boxes and stole mail in the 300 block of Sawtell Road and the 100 block of Brookshire Way.

Beat 5 (north central Roseville)
Diamond Oaks, mail theft:  Overnight November 23/24, someone broke into cluster mailboxes and stole mail from Firestone Court and Glenwood Circle.

Highland Reserve, recovered stolen vehicle (Honda Hunter Special*)   At 3:43 a.m. November 16, an officer checked on an abandoned car in a parking lot in the 900 block of Pleasant Grove.  It was a 1992 Honda Civic four-door that had been stolen from a Roseville resident on November 13. It was returned to its owner.  (2016-72348)

Highland Reserve, stolen vehicle (Honda Hunter Special*)  Between 1 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. November 21, a 199 Honda Civic four-door was stolen from the 300 block of Farmington Circle.  It was found the next day on Calle Las Casas in the Quail Glen neighborhood.  (2016-73436)

Highland Reserve, shoplifting gone bad:  At about 8:50 p.m. November 25, two people fled from Walmart with stolen merchandise, ramming an employee with a shopping cart and leaving the stolen merchandise behind on their way out.  They got into their car and drove west on Pleasant Grove at a high rate of speed and running red lights.  Officers got behind them and pursued them for a few miles, then stopped the pursuit due to traffic safety concerns.  CHP’s helicopter kept track of their car and saw them stop near Westbrook Drive and run into a house that was under construction.  Roseville officers responded and took the two into custody without further incident.  A 45-year-old man from Gridley and a 29-year-old woman from Paradise were arrested on suspicion of burglary, evading officers, battery and other related charges. (2016-74365)

Highland Reserve, stolen property arrest:  At 9:39 a.m. November 27, an officer checked on people sitting in their car in a parking lot in the 900 block of Pleasant Grove Blvd.  He did a probation search of their car, finding methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, and a large quantity of IDs and stolen mail from Sacramento.  A 36-year-old Elk Grove man and a 47-year-old Carmichael woman were arrested on suspicion of identity theft involving multiple victims, possessing stolen property and other related charges.  (2016-74615)

Stanford, suspicious people:  At about 9:50 p.m. November 17, a business owner in the 6700 block of Stanford Ranch road caught two people snooping suspiciously around his business after hours.  The couple got into their car and drove away. The business owner called police with a description of the car, and Lincoln PD stopped the car in their area. Roseville officers responded to assist and interview the two people.  Their behavior was suspicious, but officers didn’t find any evidence of a crime, and the two were released.  (2016-72766)

Beat 6 (west Roseville)
Woodcreek, disturbance:  At 4:30 p.m. November 21, there was a disturbance between neighbors in the area of Legends Way and Pine Hearst Court, and one of the neighbors threatened to arm himself and kill another neighbor.  Officers surrounded the suspect’s house and talked to him for a couple hours, eventually convincing him to come out and surrender to officers.  The 60-year-old Roseville resident was arrested on suspicion of making criminal threats and delaying officers.  No firearms were found.  (2016-73495)

Woodcreek, vehicle theft (Honda Hunter Special*):  Overnight November 20/21, someone stole a 2000 Honda Civic four-door from Spanish Bay Court.  It was found a couple of days later abandoned nearby on Dursey Court.  The thief had rummaged through the glove box.  (2016-73406)

Quail Glen, vehicle theft (Honda Hunter Special*): Overnight November 21/22, someone stole a red 1991 Acura two-door sedan from the 1500 block of Pleasant Grove Blvd.  (2016-73553)

*What’s a Honda Hunter Special?  Older sedans, especially 1990s to early 2000s Hondas, are the most commonly stolen vehicles in our area.  Other cars in this category include older Toyota Camrys, Acuras and Saturns.  Thieves like them because they’re easy to steal with shaved keys or other common car thief tricks.  If you own one of these older sedans, park it inside the garage if possible.  If you don’t have an enclosed garage, PLEASE get yourself a Club steering wheel lock or other visible auto theft deterrent.  They’re not expensive and are a great investment to protect your car.  Thieves looking for a quick and easy car to steal will give yours a pass.

Not sure which beat you live in?  Check out this police beat map of Roseville:  www.roseville.ca.us/civicax/filebank/blobdload.aspx?BlobID=21016