Keeping your wastewater system in tip-top shape

Last Updated: 5/23/2017

Flush and forget—that’s the approach most of us take to sewer systems.

Fortunately, there’s a team of about 30 city employees in our Wastewater Collections Division that always thinks about the system. Their job is to keep the sewer collection system flowing smoothly, and it isn’t an easy or simple task.

The team builds, repairs and maintains more than 750 miles of sewer mains and service lines, 15 neighborhood lift stations, along with collection basins, pumps and other equipment. You might have seen the team in your neighborhood with their trucks cleaning out the main sewer lines or heard about their closed-circuit TV system that inspects 48 miles of sewer line each year.

They’re also available 24 hours a day if you ever experience a sewer backup or spill. You can call the hotline at (916) 774-5750 to report a problem.

The team’s first responder will come out, usually within 30 minutes, to diagnose the cause and recommend the next action. If there’s a clog or break in the city’s portion of the line, they’ll get to work on repairs immediately. If the problem is on your property, they’ll provide the information you’ll need when you call a plumber to fix  the problem.

Sanitary Sewer Problem 24-hour Hotline: (916) 774-5750.

Our work by the numbers:

  • Maintain 505 miles of sewer mainlines, 246 miles of sewer laterals and 11,195 manholes
  • Flush about 277 miles of sewer mains annually
  • Inspect average 48 miles of sewer mains annually
  • Operate and maintain 15 neighborhood lift stations

Save your pipes

You can help wipe out a costly problem! Wipes, paper towels and rags are flushed into the sewer system, causing serious problems on our distribution and wastewater systems. Even products labeled “flushable” don’t breakdown. The solution: Flush only toilet paper and human waste—and trash everything else.