Proposed rate increases for water, wastewater and solid waste services

Last Updated: 3/24/2017

City of Roseville Environmental Utilities is proposing utility rate increases for water, wastewater and solid waste services. The rate increases will help maintain financial resiliency, offset infrastructure maintenance and rehabilitation costs, and comply with current and future unfunded mandates—all of which ensures high levels of customer service and reliable utility services.

What goes into our rate setting process?
The rate setting process involves key considerations, a number of  factors, and forecasts to determine how much it takes to operate an integrated utility.  Learn more.

Proposed rate plan for residential customers

Proposed rate adjustments would generate a total monthly utility bill increase of about $5.09 effective July 1, 2017 and $5.42 beginning July 1, 2018. This is an average 5.4 percent increase for all three utilities in the first 12 months, and an additional 5.5 percent the following year.

Proposed Rate Increases 2017-2019 - Impact on Typical Residential Customer

Current FY 16/17 Bill

Approximate Proposed FY 17/18 Rate Adjustment (2)

 FY17/18 Estimated Increase (eff.7/1/17)

FY 17/18 Estimated Bill

Approximate Proposed FY 18/19 Rate Adjustment (2)

 FY18/19 Estimated Increase (eff.7/1/18)

FY 18/19 Estimated Bill

















Solid Waste
















 (1) Rates are for a typical residential customer  using 1,200 cubic feet of water per month, flat rate sewer, single 90 gallon refuse bin, and single 90 gallon green waste bin.
(2) Rate adjustments are approximate. Actual charges may vary due to rounding.

Download more information and rate schedules here

The City will present the rate proposal to the Public Utilities Commission on March 28 and at a public hearing at City Council on May 10. Please check the city's website or contact the City Clerk at (916) 774-5200 to confirm meeting dates and agendas.

If customers have questions or would like more information, please call 774-5770 or email us at