Police Activity Log, March 3-March 10, 2017

Last Updated: 3/10/2017

Reminder for all about school bus safety:  Residents have reported an ongoing problem with drivers going around school buses when the buses are stopped picking up or dropping off children.  Remember that it’s the law to stop behind a school bus for as long as its lights are flashing.  If the bus is stopped on a two-lane undivided road, then vehicles on both sides road must stop, in case children are crossing the street, and remain stopped until the bus driver turns off the flashing lights.  It’s for the safety of school children.

Beat 1 (northeast Roseville)
Olympus Pointe, trail head burglary:  At 7:30 a.m. March 7, a woman parked her car at the Miner’s Ravine trailhead off of Sierra College Boulevard, put her purse on the backseat, covered with a towel, and left for a run.  When she returned an hour later, her window was smashed and her purse was gone.  Her credit cards were soon used to make fraudulent purchases.  Now that the weather is good and we’re back on the trails, please remember that trail heads and fitness center parking lots are a favorite hunting ground for car burglars.  If possible, leave your purse at home and just take your phone, car keys and ID along with you on the trail.  If that’s not possible, hide your purse in the trunk or cargo compartment before you get to your destination. If you wait and hide your belongings at the parking lot, a thief might already be in the area watching you.  (2017-13852)

Theft warning for everyone, all the time:  Unfortunately we’ve had several vehicle burglaries (forced entry) and thefts from unlocked vehicles this week in store, apartment and restaurant parking lots along Gibson Drive, Eureka Road and Roseville Parkway.  Please, always lock your car and remove all valuable items, especially wallets, purses, laptops, phones, briefcases and anything else that might look valuable to a thief.

Beat 2 (east Roseville)
Sierra Gardens, theft:  At about 3:30 a.m. March 7, two unidentified people were seen stealing a bicycle from a front patio in the 500 block of Loretto Drive.  (2017-14460)

Beat 3 (central Roseville south of the rail yard)
Downtown, theft:  Over the past weekend (March 4-6), and overnight March 9/10, tools and equipment were stolen from a construction site in the 200 block of Oak Street.  (2017-14580)

Cherry Glen, DUI collision:  At 8:47 p.m. March 9, an officer responded to a non-injury traffic collision involving two cars on Douglas Blvd. at Judah Street.  One of the drivers, a 40-year-old Sacramento man, was arrested on suspicion of DUI, driving while unlicensed, and possession of methamphetamine.  (2017-15018)

Folsom Road, stop leads to various arrests:  At 3:50 p.m. March 9, an officer responded to the 200 block of Harding Boulevard, to a complaint about a group of people hanging out in the parking lot of a restaurant, harassing customers.  The officer recognized one of the men and knew he had a warrant.  He arrested the 35-year-old Roseville man for his felony drug warrant, and on a fresh charge of possessing methamphetamine.  As the officer was leaving to take the wanted man to jail, he noticed a group of people standing around a car.  He ran the plate and found out the car, a 1998 Honda Accord, had been reported stolen earlier in the week from North Sunrise Avenue.  More officers responded to assist, and they arrested a 37-year-old Roseville woman on suspicion of vehicle theft and possessing a stolen car.   An employee of another store on the block flagged down one of the officers and pointed out a couple that he suspected of stealing merchandise.  The officer contacted the couple and cited the woman on suspicion of possessing drug paraphernalia.  The man, a 25-year-old from Roseville, was arrested on an outstanding Placer County warrant for DUI, and taken to jail. (2017-14433, 14962, 14977)

Beat 4 (central Roseville north of the rail yard)
Vineyard, possible burglary attempt:  At 9 a.m. May 7, a resident of the 1300 block of Muscat Circle heard a noise in his backyard, checked and found out that someone had forced open his side gate and possibly tried to get into his locked garage door. Nothing was taken, and officers weren’t able to locate a suspect.  (2017-14299)

Beat 5 (north central Roseville)
Highland Reserve, burglary update:  At about 4:45 a.m. December 3, 2015 (yes, 15 months ago), officers responded to an alarm at a smoke shop in the 900 block of Roseville Parkway, and found that someone had broken a window, gone into the shop, took merchandise, and fled.  Officers checked the area but couldn’t find the burglar(s).   At the officer’s request, a CSI technician responded and collected evidence from the scene.  Recently investigators developed a lead based on the forensic evidence that the CSI tech collected, and on March 9, they arrested a 21-year old male at his home in Sacramento on suspicion of burglary.  Great job by patrol and CSI!  (2015-53168)

Beat 6 (west Roseville)
Woodcreek, burglary:  Between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. March 6, someone cut a window screen and went into an apartment at 1098 Woodcreek Oaks through the unlocked window, and stole small items.  (2017-14143)

Junction West, resident’s “suspicious activity” call leads to arrests:  Just before 8 a.m. March 8, an alert resident called in suspicious activity. An older white SUV that wasn’t familiar to the neighborhood was parked at the intersection of Blue Skies Way and Westhills Drive, and a couple was seen walking around the neighborhood and then back to the SUV.  Officers found the SUV, which had broken down, and contacted the two people.  They conducted a probation search of the SUV and found a large amount of stolen property from a residential burglary committed earlier in the week in Antelope.  A 38-year-old man from Carmichael and a 44-year-old woman from Sacramento were arrested on suspicion of possessing stolen property, as well as possessing methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.  The SUV was towed for expired registration. (2017-14524)

Blue Oaks, traffic stop leads to warrant arrest:  Just after midnight March 8, an officer checked on a car turning onto Blue Oaks Boulevard from Fiddyment Road, and found out that it was displaying a false registration tab (showing 2017 tags when the registration actually expired years ago).  He radioed another officer who located and stopped the car on southbound Highway 65 at Galleria Blvd.  The driver, a 45-year-old Sacramento man, was arrested on a no-bail warrant for burglary, and cited for driving on a suspended license and other vehicle code violations.  The car was towed.  (2017-14483)

Blue Oaks, DUI:  At 8:51 p.m. March 9, officers responded to the area of Sutter Buttes Drive and Mt. Baldy Drive to a resident's call about a suspicious vehicle that was being driven very slowly around the neighborhood.  Officers made a traffic stop and arrested the driver, a 45-year-old Roseville man, on suspicion of DUI.  (2017-15024)

West Park, package theft:  At about 1:10 p.m. March 7, a woman was seen stealing a package from a porch in the 2300 block of Dunsley Circle.  She was a white female in her 20s, about 5’6” tall with dark blonde hair.  She got into a waiting silver mid-2000s Mazda fast-back sedan with front end damage, driven by a male.  (2017-14360)

Fiddyment Farms, construction site theft:  Overnight March 6/7, someone got into a locked garage of a home under construction in the 1000 block of Makeway Street by unknown means, and stole power tools.  (2017-14264)

Fiddyment Farms, traffic stop leads to arrests:  At 2:14 a.m. March 8, an officer stopped a speeding car on northbound Fiddyment Road near Angus Drive.  He conducted a probation search and found a hidden loaded handgun and drug paraphernalia.  The driver, a 34-year-old Sacramento man, was arrested on suspicion of being a felon in possession of a firearm and other related charges. An adult female passenger was cited for possessing drug paraphernalia.  (2017-14492)

Not sure which beat you live in?  Check out this police beat map of Roseville:  www.roseville.ca.us/civicax/filebank/blobdload.aspx?BlobID=21016