New water supply project underway in West Roseville

Last Updated: 5/23/2017

As growth continues in the west portion of the city, Environmental Utilities is fulfilling its goal of providing reliable utility services by initiating a water infrastructure project in West Roseville.

Known as the Westside Tank and Pump Station, this multimillion dollar project will include two new 6 million gallon storage reservoirs and associated pumping facilities required to meet the needs of a growing city.

Roseville’s water distribution system is mainly gravity fed and as development occurs in the western portion of the city, infrastructure is added to maintain adequate pressure for residences, commercial properties and fire protection.

“We forecast years in advance to determine what the needs will be to maintain expected levels of service from Environmental Utilities,” said Jim Mulligan, Water Utility Manager. “Working closely with our development services team during the planning process, we account for growth well ahead of when we need services so that we have everything lined up and ready to go. This project is a positive indicator of the health of the region and Roseville’s thriving economy.”

This project was initially slated to proceed more than ten years ago. However, with the change in the economic climate in 2008, the project was placed on hold. Now that Roseville’s residential and commercial building activity has recovered, there is an identified need to develop this project as new construction continues.

We anticipate construction beginning sometime this year. The goal is to have the facility online by 2020.