Roseville is among the nation's top solar communities

Last Updated: 9/4/2017

The City of Roseville is ranked in the Top Ten for solar.

The Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) places Roseville Electric Utility 9th nationally for having the most solar per customer in 2016. Roseville Electric Utility is the only community-owned electric power provider in the Sacramento region to be recognized by SEPA.  This is the third time in the past decade that the City of Roseville has been recognized by SEPA.

“Our ranking solidifies the City of Roseville as a leader in solar,” said Electric Utility Director Michelle Bertolino. “Our customers were early adopters of renewable energy technology and because of them, we are a true community-owned utility – they drive us to innovate to meet their needs.”

Roseville Electric Utility’s commitment to solar continues with construction in 2018 of a community solar pilot project.

“Community solar offers customers who don’t or can’t put panels on their roof the ability to enjoy the benefits of solar,” Bertolino said.  “Renewable energy will be available through our pilot project to a small number customers who can’t participate in traditional utility solar programs.”

SEPA’s ranking demonstrates Roseville Electric Utility continues to be leader in solar. In 2007, the utility launched its award winning BEST Homes program for builders to include rooftop solar in the construction of new homes. Last year, Roseville Electric Utility launched its Trusted Solar Advisor program to assist customers wanting to retrofit their homes with solar panels. Using our specialized calculator, our customers understand solar and how it will benefit them.

For more information about Roseville Electric Utility's solar program, visit or call Your Trusted Solar Advisor at 91.774.5676