Proposed budget reductions for Parks, Recreation & Libraries

Last Updated: 5/17/2017

As we prepared for the 2017-18 Fiscal Year, all General Fund departments (Parks, Recreation & Libraries, Police, Fire, Public Works, and Development Services) were asked to develop a net zero budget. The challenge of a flat budget is that we need to reduce services to absorb increasing costs and unfunded mandates. In addition to developing a flat budget, General Fund departments were also asked to make recommendations to help close the $2 million projected budget gap. Throughout the budget process, we examined many scenarios with the goal of balancing fiscal soundness and minimizing impacts to customers.

Proposed cuts to services

• Reduce non-routine tree maintenance (anything outside of the regular pruning cycle of once every 6.5 years)
• Eliminate goat grazing in General Fund areas
• Close Libraries and Maidu Museum & Historic Site on Fridays
• Program reductions (concert, some Town Square programs)
• Reduce digital library materials
• Eliminate July 4th Fireworks (beginning in 2018)
• Outsource Library phone customer service
• Reduce help desk coverage at Riley Library to 1 floor
• Eliminate COR Fitness Member Childcare at Roseville Sports Center
• Eliminate Natural Resource Worker and Recreation Leader at Maidu Museum & Historic Site (vacant positions)

While the goal was to minimize impacts there are changes to customer experiences and service levels. These changes were evaluated carefully and will help towards providing services within our means.
City Council holds a budget hearing on Wednesday, June 6 and is scheduled to approve the final budget on Wednesday, June 21. If all items are adopted, changes to hours and services go to effect on July 1, 2017.

There are two exceptions to the July 1, 2017 effective date.
• Fireworks show will still happen this year since we are obligated contractually. .
• Library phone customer service will continue as we need transition time to identify/onboard the service provider and develop a contract.

More information on the overall City's strategy to close the $2M General Fund gap for fiscal year 17/18 can be found here. There is also an Engage Roseville program which encourages community input to help prioritize City service levels with respect to corresponding revenues.