Using science to provide safe water supplies

Last Updated: 5/23/2017

In the heart of the Dry Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, Daniel uses science to nurture our community. He works as a Laboratory Technician in our wastewater division. All around him, the water plant recycles residential and industrial wastewater back into a usable resource. Dan’s job is to keep an eye on the quality of that water.

“Every morning we, myself and those with the same job title, drive around the plant itself and collect the composite/grab samples we need for the day,” Dan said. “We test the wastewater and make sure that the values we get from the tests are lower or equal to what the Environmental Protection Agency has deemed safe for discharging into the creek.”

That freshly cleaned water irrigates four major golf courses, several parks, and selected streetscaping throughout the city. All of the water must be clean enough to be released into the watershed, along Dry Creek. The City delivered more than 920 million gallons of reclaimed water last year to its recycled water customers.

“The Dry Creek Lab ultimately is responsible for confirming that the wastewater we release into the creek meets the standards given by the Environmental Protection Agency. That’s the main one.  Outside of that, we test the drinking water that is collected at 30 locations all over the city every week for turbidity, coliform, fluoride, pH, and conductivity as a requisite check per the department of health.”

When he’s away from the lab, Daniel’s love of science still occupies a bit of his free time. “My hobby is building computers to play video games. I enjoy technology and then using it for my entertainment.”

While the City’s properties flourish with this reclaimed resource, Dan and his team mates will make sure those waters provide a clean drink for the City’s landscaping.