Controlling fleas with less toxic alternatives

Last Updated: 5/23/2017

With spring already here, ample water and the weather warming, there will be an explosion of life presenting itself to us. Along with the beauty of spring comes the challenge of weeds, insects, animals and new gardening possibilities. Another springtime culprit are fleas. A problem during any season, but during the spring, they can get an early start and lead to a miserable struggle through the year to control them.

Controlling fleas
Your pet is a natural carrier of fleas. Wash your four-legged friend with warm soapy water and comb the fur with a flea comb while they are wet to help remove most of the adult fleas, eggs and larva. No need to use a toxic pesticide laden flea soap. Be sure to wash pet bedding as well as vacuum carpets, floors and furniture to remove any fleas, eggs and larva. If you are having recurring infestations you can treat carpets with diatomaceous earth or borate - based carpet treatments.  They’re safe but be sure to follow the instructions.

Controlling fleas on your pet
In addition to washing your pet and their bedding regularly, you many consider using one of the oral or topical medications that control fleas on your pet. These medications stop the fleas when they first bite. It controls the fleas before they can multiply and become a problem.  
Controlling fleas outside the home

Controlling fleas outside the home is very important. The best control strategy is to maintain a clean and safe environment for your family and pets by keeping your landscaping maintained as well as trash and pet droppings cleaned up. Make sure to fix and repair areas where other critters can sneak into your home.

Use pesticide-free alternatives first
Control the flea problem by treating the pet, bedding and places where the fleas are breeding. If you must treat inside, outside or under your home with a pesticide, use the borate - based or diatomaceous earth products. They do a great job and won’t cause environmental damage. There is also an interesting little worm that can be applied very easily by the homeowner that will help to control flea larva in the soil.  Most nurseries have them and they are safe to place near your plants.