Roseville Police Cadet rescues man from burning car

Last Updated: 5/15/2017

About 6 p.m. May 2, off-duty Roseville Police Cadet Kaitlyn McKinney witnessed a collision between two pickups on westbound I-80 between Rocklin Road and Highway 65. She pulled over to the accident scene, and ran up to the smaller of the two pickups. As she did so, the truck caught fire.

Watch the television report from CBS13.

Kaitlyn McKinney

The driver, a young man, was in and out of consciousness. Kaitlyn couldn’t get to the driver’s door due to the fire, and the passenger side door wouldn’t open, but the window was down. By this time, two other off-duty public safety employees arrived on the scene. Together, the three of them pulled the young man out through the window to safety.

Jessica Nicolls, an American Medical Response (AMR) ambulance dispatcher, was driving a few vehicles behind Kaitlyn. She too, stopped to assist at the accident scene. She moved Kaitlyn’s car to a safer location, near the side of the highway. “Kaitlyn’s quick actions saved his life. There was no way that I could have made it in time,” Jessica said.

Cadet McKinney emphasized that the collective actions of those individuals who stopped to assist, saved the life of that young man. The young driver has since been released from the hospital and is recovering at home.