Do more with data

Last Updated: 6/21/2017

Have you ever wondered how many parks, manholes, or address points are within the City?  This data, and much more, exists within the City's Geographic Information System (GIS).

The City uses this system to capture, store, analyze, manage and present geographic data and now we are making it easier for citizens to do the same by including GIS datasets on the City's Open Data Portal.

As a part of the City's transparency efforts, this new platform allows citizens to easily find and explore existing Interactive Maps created from GIS data, or search for individual datasets. 

You can now easily find parks, manholes, address points, parcels, or any of the 50+ existing dataset by clicking on one of the Data Categories or by using a keyword.  

mapping data website 

Now when you have a question like "How many parks are within the City?" they can use this platform and at the click of a button see all 72 parks. You can explore, visualize, and download all parks, or a subset of the 72 parks, by using the filtering option. Take the time to explore and do more with data.

park mapping data