Police Activity Log, September 1, 2017

Last Updated: 9/1/2017

This is a digest of selected crime reports and police activity, not a complete list. Some incidents might not be listed, to protect the privacy of confidential victims, or to avoid endangering an ongoing investigation. For a more complete list of non-confidential crimes reported to the Roseville Police Department in your neighborhood, visit http://www.crimemapping.com/.

Beat 1 (northeast Roseville)
Galleria-Harding, burglary: At 11:04 am. August 30, residents of the 700 block of Gibson Drive came home and found out someone they knew had just burglarized their apartment. The suspect left their property behind and drove away. Officers took a burglary report and are following up. (2017-57491)

Beat 2 (east Roseville)
Johnson Ranch, arson fire:  At 8:30 a.m. August 28, Roseville Fire and officers responded to Excelsior Elementary School, where a tree that had been deliberately set on fire overnight and was still smoldering. The incident is being investigated. (2017-56879)

Johnson Ranch, burglary: Overnight August 30/31, someone went into an open garage in the 2900 block of Courtside Drive. They stole tools from the garage and small items from the car parked inside. (2017-57893)

Johnson Ranch, burglary and car theft: Between midnight and 6 a.m. August 31, someone went into a garage in the 2200 block of Banbury Circle, possibly through an insecure side garage door. They stole items from the garage and stole a gray Infiniti SUV parked inside. The stolen car was found a few hours later abandoned on Parkhill Drive, with some of the victim’s property missing. (2017-57702)

South Cirby, suspicious incident: At about 11 p.m. August 30, two residents were walking in the 1600 block of Champion Oaks Drive when a white, lowered sedan drove past them and turned around. The front passenger was hanging out the window wearing a hockey mask and holding a long object, possibly a bat, in his hands. The walkers ran to a neighbor’s house and knocked on the door for help. The suspicious car was last seen going toward Vista Creek. The incident was reported to police approximately half an hour later. Officers weren’t able to locate the suspicious car, but provided extra patrol in the area throughout the night. (2017-57657)

Lead Hill, arrest: At 6:45 a.m. August 30, officers responded to a complaint about two people camping in tents in a store parking lot in the 1400 block of Lead Hill Blvd., with trash strewn around. Officers found one of the campers, a 46-year-old man, was in violation of a restraining order.  He was arrested on suspicion of violating a court order. The other camper was ill and was taken to the hospital. (2017-57403, 57426)

Beat 3 (central Roseville south of the rail yard):
Cresthaven, arrest: At 3:15 a.m. August 31, an officer saw a man riding his bicycle with no lights against the direction of traffic on Vernon Street. He tried to stop the man, but the man fled, jumped over a wall into a backyard on Cameron Way and then ran toward Hyacinth Court. The officer couldn’t find him that night. At 12:49 a.m. the next morning, the officer saw the same man on Hyacinth Court, and the man again ran away, running through neighboring yards. The officer eventually detained the man, who thought he had warrants. The 43-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of resisting/delaying officers and violation of probation. (2017-57949)

Folsom Road, suspicious people: At 7:08 a.m. August 28, officers responded to a report of suspicious people walking around Sierra Gate Plaza. One person was carrying a gas can, and he ran away from officers and jumped into the creek. Officers surrounded the area and the man surrendered to officers. They searched his car and found a number of burglary tools, including gas siphoning equipment. The 43-year-old Carmichael man was arrested. (2017-56802)

Folsom Road, robbery: At about 1 a.m. August 27, three people were camping in a parking lot in the 400 block of Folsom Road when one camper allegedly punched another and took her property, then left the area. Officers investigated and arrested the suspect, a 31-year-old woman from the local area, on suspicion of robbery. (2017-56624)

Folsom Road, suspicious object found: At 3:44 p.m. August 31, officers responded to a home in the 100 block of South Lincoln Street. A resident was cleaning out items belonging to a previous resident, and found what she thought looked like a pipe bomb. Bomb squad officers responded, thought the resident might be right, and detonated the object in a safe location. (2017-57856)

Folsom Road, arrest: At 11:30 p.m. August 31, officers responded to the area of Nevada Street and Douglas Boulevard to a report of a suspicious pickup. They stopped the pickup and contacted the two occupants. One had a warrant for his arrest. They searched the car and found heroin, drug paraphernalia and an illegal billy club. The officers then conducted a probation search on the arrestee’s home in Roseville, where they found more heroin and firearms. The 26-year-old Roseville man was arrested on drug and weapons-related charges. (2017-57942)

Beat 4 (central Roseville north of the rail yard):
Roseville Heights, assault: At 12:26 p.m. August 27, officers responded to a disturbance in the 100 block of Circuit Drive, where a woman was attacking an adult relative with a knife. The victim ran to another relative’s house next door. The suspect followed her and used a baseball bat to break out windows and force entry. The suspect confronted officers outside, still holding the baseball bat, and refused to stop or drop the bat. Officers were able to subdue her using less-lethal weapons. The victim and suspect were both taken to the hospital, treated and released. The suspect, an 18-year-old woman from Roseville, was booked into the Placer County Jail on suspicion of attempted murder, burglary and resisting or delaying officers. (2017-56678)

Los Cerritos, burglary:  Between August 1 and August 20, someone stole tools from an unlocked garage in the 700 block of Pleasant Street. (2017-56227)

Beat 5 (north central Roseville)
Foothills-Junction, shoplifter: At 4:52 p.m. August 30, officers responded to a grocery store on Foothills Blvd. at Baseline Road, to a witness’s report of a shoplifter who had just fled the store with merchandise. Officers chased the suspect on foot through the nearby neighborhood, eventually detaining the man on Rand Way. The store declined to press charges. The stolen merchandise was returned to the store and the man was released. (2017-57600)

Stanford, shoplift gone bad:  At about 5 p.m. August 30, a group of people went into a store in the 10000 block of Fairway Drive and stole merchandise. One of the suspects pushed and punched a loss prevention agent who tried to detain him, escalating his crime from shoplifting to robbery. The group then fled in their car. Officers pursued the car to the I-80/Madison Avenue area, where the suspects ditched the car and fled on foot. One suspect was located and detained by CHP and Sacramento Sheriff’s deputies. The 24-year-old Sacramento man was arrested on suspicion of robbery, evading, shoplifting, conspiracy, and a Sacramento County felony warrant. He’s been booked into the Placer County Jail. Follow-up will be done to identify the remaining suspects. (2017-57611)

Beat 6 (west Roseville)
Sun City, vehicle burglary, arrest made: At 5:30 a.m. August 29, officers responded to a car burglary that had occurred within the previous 15 minutes on Delta Breeze Court. The victim had locked his car but left a window open a few inches. The thief reached into the car through the window opening, unlocked the door and then rummaged through the glove box. An officer stopped a man riding a bike in the area and found him to be in possession of stolen property and burglar’s tools. The 29-year-old Roseville resident was arrested on suspicion of burglary. Officers believe he may have stolen items from other unlocked cars in the area. (2017-57073)

Quail Glen, DUI: At 3:20 a.m. August 27, officers responded to the area of Pleasant Grove Boulevard and Woodcreek Oaks Boulevard for a wrong-way driver, a red sedan going westbound in the eastbound lanes of Pleasant Grove Boulevard. Officers found the car after it went over the sidewalk and into some shrubbery in the 1500 block of Pleasant Grove. The driver, a 27-year-old Roseville man, was checked out at the hospital and then booked on suspicion of DUI.  (2017-56604)

Not sure which beat you live in? Check out this police beat map of Roseville: www.roseville.ca.us/civicax/filebank/blobdload.aspx?BlobID=21016

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