New utility billing system offers new customer features

Updated November 14, 2017
To provide better customer service, Roseville replaced its 20-year-old utility billing system. Electric, water, sewer, and garbage customers will have new payment features and enhanced communication opportunities.  

“It’s a huge change for our clients in a positive way,” said Andrea Blomquist, Roseville’s utility billing manager. “They can see graphs of their utility usage, request service changes on their account, pay by text and make payment arrangements online. These services were not available with our previous system.”

One of the biggest features for customers is near real-time payments reflected in their accounts. A notable change for commercial customers is the reduction in utility scams, because customers can use the app to check account status in real-time.



Utility customers will need to reestablish their online account using their new account number that is noted on their next paper bill.  If customers are interested in obtaining their new account number prior to their paper bill, they can call Utility Billing at (916) 774-5300.  Please note that, due to call volume, hold times might be longer than usual.


How do I get my new account number?
Your new account number will be listed on your next City of Roseville utility statement – depending upon your billing cycle you’ll receive it mid-late November or early December. If you’d like your account number today, we’d be happy to assist; please contact our office at (916) 774-5300.

I was previously on recurring payments, what will happen now?
If you currently utilize recurring payments, you will need to re-enroll with your new account number to continue to make payments. Expect your next payment to be handled through the auto-pay feature. However, payments after that will require you to create a new account and reestablish your payment method. If you have questions about a scheduled payment or need to make changes, please contact our office at 916-774-5300.

Do I need to re-enroll my online account?
Yes. The change to new system requires that we issue new account numbers. As a result, your existing utility account number will no longer be used to identify your account. Your new account number will appear at the top of your next utility statement which you will receive in the mail. (If you have opted to go paperless, your next bill will be paper and mailed to your home, business or post office box.) Once you have your new account number, you will need to register online if you would like to manage your account and make payments online.

What if I am auto pay customer?
Yes, your auto pay will work this month.  Next month, when you receive your bill, you will need to go online and re-enroll and set up auto pay in the new system.

I’m a few days late on my payment, and with the new account number I’m worried I will be charged late fees.
With the change to our new system, we have extended our grace period.

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