Oldest groundwater wells being removed

Updated December 06, 2017
We have a growing and expansive groundwater well program that is used as backup water supply when we need it during dry conditions. Thankfully, we’ve only used them for a short period of time in recent years when we experienced prolonged drought.

We’re working to remove three original wells—dating back to the 1940s— since they are past their useful life as an asset.

We have also modernized our groundwater program over the past 10 years, using infrastructure that allows us to both extract and inject water from and into the groundwater basin.

More plans are on the horizon to add more groundwater wells over time, but surface water will continue as our primary source of water for Roseville customers.

FUN FACT: Our oldest well pre-dates our Folsom Reservoir surface water supply. To give perspective, one of the original wells was installed during a time when a gallon of
gas was .15 cents.

groundwater well

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