Roseville hosts World Bank floodplain tour for Peruvian delegation

Updated September 04, 2017
A group from Peru’s National Water Authority and Meteorological Society recently got a first-hand look at Roseville’s extensive stream gauge system, $20 million in flood protection infrastructure, and how Sacramento regional floodplain management agencies coordinate. The World Bank is providing approximately $12 million in funding for flood control projects in Peru and brought the Peruvian delegation to our area to learn how they could incorporate improvements in their country. 

“This tour was a great opportunity to showcase the City of Roseville’s leadership on an international level,” shared Brian Walker, Roseville’s Floodplain Manager. 

The City of Roseville was chosen to be toured because of an excellent floodplain management reputation. Additionally, the Sacramento region is similar in climate and hydrology to some flood-prone areas of Peru.  The delegation was particularly interested in learning about Roseville’s flood alert system, which is a network of stream gauges and software used by emergency managers. 

Since the historic floods in January 1995 when 358 structures were flooded, the City of Roseville has completed more that $20 million in flood mitigation projects like stream widening, flood walls and storm water bypass channels which have earned Roseville’s seat as the top flood protection leader in the country through FEMA's Community Rating System. 

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Floodplain tour

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