Roseville selects ‘Sustain the Gains’ landscape makeover contest winner

Updated October 19, 2017
Roseville’s Environmental Utilities selected a winner for the “Sustain the Gains” landscape makeover contest.  For more than two months, the contest encouraged residents to continue water-efficient behaviors established during the drought and make it a way of life. More than 3,200 Roseville water customers entered and the winner – a 23-year Roseville resident – will have their front yard re-imagined this fall into a low-water-use landscape.

The City of Roseville reviewed resident’s entries and were moved by the passion of the community, many of whom provided testimony about what they’ve done to conserve and how continued water savings is necessary despite improved water conditions.  The winners, a Debra and Kurt Nelson, embodied customers who had taken extraordinary steps to reduce water use both indoor and outdoor.  This makeover is just another step towards living sustainably and using water as efficiently as possible.   

“We saw an overwhelming response with this effort even during a time when water supplies are healthy in our community.  That says a lot about how much our customers care,” said Bobby Alvarez, water efficiency program manager.  “The selected winner truly is a shining example of making lifestyle changes to reduce water use.  We are happy that we can help these customers in making additional changes at home by giving them a new front yard that will not only be beautiful but incredibly water-wise.”

Although the contest is over, City of Roseville water efficiency staff  still provides incentives for Roseville residents to pursue water efficient behaviors through programs like Cash for Grass, which helps convert water-thirsty grass to a beautiful, water-efficient landscape. Customers can take advantage of up to $1,500 in rebates and program incentives to reduce water use both inside and outside their homes, including rebates for high-efficiency toilets, hot water recirculation pumps, lawn conversions, irrigation efficiency, weather-based irrigation timers and pool auto-fill valve replacements/repairs.  

To learn more about additional rebates, water efficiency programs including the free Water Wise House Call, and other educational material, visit

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