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Smoke-Free Parks Ordinance

Ordinance No. 4593
Municipal Code Section 8.02.200 (B.2.)

Where is smoking prohibited?

  • In all City parks (including parking lots in the parks)
  • In all City-designated open space areas (such as nature areas, greenbelts, and wildlife and vegetation habitat areas)
  • Along all hiking and biking trails through City parks or open space areas
  • At all recreational facilities owned or operated by the City of Roseville

Is there an exemption for smokers who are just passing through?

No. Anyone smoking in a City park or open space area is violating the law even if they are moving through the smoke-free area.

Do other cities have smoke-free parks?

Yes, more than 80 cities in California have smoke-free parks, and some California counties have smoke-free parks.

Secondhand Smoke Information

  • People who breathe in secondhand smoke are inhaling more than 50 cancer-causing chemicals (Study by the US Surgeon General–2006).
  • Outdoor smoke can reach the same levels as indoor smoke. Scientific studies by Stanford University and others documented that after secondhand smoke rises into the air, it becomes invisible and drops down to a lower level where people breathe in toxins from the unseen smoke.
  • Secondhand smoke causes cancer (lung cancer, breast cancer, and other cancers), heart disease, asthma, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, pre-term births, and other illnesses and health problems.
  • Infants, children, and older people are especially vulnerable to secondhand smoke.

Fire Safety

This ordinance reduces the risk of fire in parks and open space, which can spread to nearby homes.

How is the law enforced?

The approach to enforcement emphasizes public education and voluntary cooperation. No-smoking signs will be posted in parks and open space. If necessary, if a smoker refuses a request to stop smoking in a prohibited area, police officers or fire department officials may issue citations, or the smoker may be removed from the park or open space area.

What are the fines for violations?

The fine for a first offense is $100. Second or third violations within a 12-month period are fined at $200 and $500, respectively.

Information & Assistance On Stopping Smoking

If you smoke and would like to quit, information and a variety of workshops are available from the following organizations.


1-800-NO-BUTTS (1-800-662-8887)

(BreatheOnline Program)
(916) 746-4369

(916) 781-1446

(916) 734-8493


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