WPCGMP 2008/2009 Implementation Activities

Implementation activities jointly funded by the partner agencies for 2008-09 include a range of groundwater monitoring actions, all supported by public and stakeholder outreach and involvement activities. These activities are part of an initial implementation strategy stipulated in the adopted WPCGMP. They include:

 Monitoring Program
 Fall 2008 - Compile and evaluate  groundwater well data
 Fall 2008 - Compile and summarize WPCGMP partners' groundwater and well data
 Spring 2009 - Determine standard operating procedures for plan partners
 Spring 2009 - Coordinate monitoring activities with California DWR

 Public/Stakeholder Involvement and Outreach
 Winter 2009 - Publish groundwater protection brochure for urban and rural well owners
 Fall 08 - Spring 09 - Conduct public presentations on groundwater monitoring activities to:

        City of Roseville Public Utilities Commission
        Placer County Water Agency Board of Directors
        Roseville/Lincoln City Councils
        Sacramento Groundwater Agency/Regional Groundwater Authority
        Placer County Board of Supervisors
 Fall 08 - Spring 09 - Quarterly Technical Review Committee meetings