Westbrook Amendment to the Sierra Vista Specific Plan

The Westbrook Amendment was approved June 6, 2012.
Sierra Vista Specific Plan now incorporates the Westbrook land use plan.

Westpark SV 400 submitted an application on May 11, 2011 to process a General Plan Amendment, Specific Plan Amendment, Rezone and Development Agreement for an approximately 400 acre property designated Urban Reserve in the Sierra Vista Specific Plan (SVSP).  The proposed land use plan includes 2,029 residential units in a mix of low, medium and high density.  The land use plan also includes 43.3 acres of commercial, a 10-acre elementary school site, three neighborhood parks and a 0.3-acre well site.  Approximately 36.6 acres of the site will be set aside as open space preserve.

Mitigated Negative Declaration

Westbrook Initial Study - April 3, 2012
    Appendix A - Air Quality
    Appendix B - Gibson Skordal
    Appendix C - Noise Study
    Appendix D - Traffic    Traffic Report Appendix
    Appendix E - Water Conservation Plan
    Appendix F - Water Supply Assessment

Notice of Completion

Westbrook Development Agreement

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Planning Commission 5-10 Report        Presentation        Meeting Notes

Parks & Recreation Commission 5-7 Report        Presentation        Meeting Notes

Planning Commission 4-26 Report        Presentation        Meeting Notes

Public Utilities Commission 4-24 Report        Presentation        Meeting Notes

Design Committee 4-19 Report        Presentation        Meeting Notes

Transportation Commission 4-17 Report        Presentation        Meeting Notes

Notice of Community Meeting - March 29, 2012

Community Meeting Presentation

Westbrook Land Use Plan

Westbrook Land Use Chart 

Specific Plan Amendment
 Cover & Table of Contents  Public Services 
 Introduction  Utilities
 Context  Resource Management 
 Vision & Principles  Implementation
 Land Use  Residential Development Standards
 Affordable Housing  Design Guidelines

General Plan Amendment
 Cover & Table of Contents  Parks & Recreation 
 Introduction  Public Facilities
 Land Use  Safety 
 Circulation  Noise
 Air Quality & Climate Change  Housing (No change)
 Open Space & Conservation