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Loss Prevention and NCORCA


Welcome to the Loss Prevention Portal.  Primarily for the use of Loss Prevention Agents within the City of Roseville, this portal will also serve as a launching off point for the Northern California Organized and Retail Crime Association (NCORCA).


The Roseville Police Department has developed a standardized reporting system for the active loss prevention programs in the City of Roseville.  Retail centers with active Loss Prevention programs are required to use a standard form to report their in custody arrests.  To receive the appropriate form(s) click on the link below.


        This report must be completed by Loss Prevention and presented to the Roseville Police Department representative on arrival.  Ideally, complete this form prior to calling the Roseville Police Department to turn over your arrest.  Extenuating circumstances, such as combative suspects or suspicious circumstances, would most likely warrant a phone call at the time of arrest.  Fill out this form as completely and as neatly as possible.  It must be typed or NEATLY block printed in black pen.  No other variations will be accepted.  Digital forms are available.  Stores and loss prevention agents are responsible for making and having available their own forms.  Officers will not carry Loss Prevention Reports.         


You will see a form that has a number of pages.  Agents:  The pages labeled LOSS PREVENTION REPORT are yours to complete.  The first three pages will be completed by the police officer that accepts your arrest.

NOTE:  There are two narrative pages for loss prevention agents.  If you do not need this narrative page, simply discard.

Fill out your required pages.  Because this form is completed in Adobe Reader X, it will auto populate some of the boxes on the police officer's report .  Later, the officer will fill out the rest of the report.  (And just to be clear, when the officer turns in the report, the officer's report will become the crime reports Face Page (Page 1) and Page 2.)  In some circumstances the officer will ask you to email him the report so that he can use your electronic copy to finish his or her portion.

Don't forget to write a thorough narrative! 

You will need Adobe Reader to fill out the form linked above.  For the most up to date version of Adobe Reader, go to


Let's talk about theft and partnerships. Without an effective partnership between retail, banks, law enforcement and others -- the criminals will sometimes win. We need to pool our resources together so that we can effectively work against those who would steal from us, our homes, and our businesses.

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