Commercial Crime Prevention Tips

Commercial Crime Prevention Tips

Commercial burglaries and other crimes against businesses result in thousands of dollars of loss annually.
One of the goals of the Roseville Police Department is to work with the business community to support the mission of improving the quality of life in our city and make Roseville one of the best places to live, work and do business.

This flier provides security measures that can be incorporated into the daily procedures of a business. Although there is no way to completely stop crime from happening, taking steps to “harden the target” can make your business less appealing to criminals.

For additional information, including scheduling a Crime Prevention evaluation of your business, please contact the Police Business Connect Team at: 916-746-1084 or

Security Checklist

  • Good interior lighting throughout business
  • Security lights (exterior and interior)
  • Motion-activated lights Battery-backup for power outages
  • Keep interior lit when business is closed.

  • Double barrel deadbolts
  • Shields that cover bolts
  • Minimum one-inch throw bolts

  • Security bars on doors/windows
  • Shatter resistant glass
  • Roll down security screens
  • Doors/windows always locked when closed
  • Solid core metal doors
  • Don’t obscure windows with ads/other items

  • Keep roof access door(s) locked

  • Install alarm system with active monitoring and motion sensors
  • Managers and cleaning crew should have alarm codes
  • Battery-backup for power outages 
  • When closed, keep cash drawer(s) open with no money

  • Heavy burglar-proof floor safe (not a fire safe)
  • Secure safe to floor and wall

  • Use high resolution digital cameras
  • Camera placement: entrance/exits, front/rear of business, interior of office/safe, register/checkout area, parking lot (for license plates)
  • Understand operation of surveillance system and be able to copy and provide surveillance footage to law enforcement  

  • High value items locked up or secured
  • Expensive items placed in open, visible area and/or near the cash register, not near door

  • Maintain open field of view from street into your business
  • Keep landscaping trimmed low, trees trimmed high to give clear field of vision

  • Consider hiring a private patrol to drive by and check building after hours


  • Additional Safety Tips
  • Keep perimeter of business well-lit
  • Do not label business keys 
  • Keep non-customer doors locked 
  • Make your business address easily visible from the street 
  • Secure sliding glass doors and use supplemental locking hardware 
  • Use solid exterior doors 
  • Verify windows and sliding glass doors cannot be lifted out of their tracks 
  • Lock electrical circuit box 
  • Keep alternate access gates locked
  • Have important phone numbers handy