Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design is an approach to problem-solving that considers opportunities for crime and other problems that arise out of a variety of environmental conditions related to a location or business.

CPTED attempts to reduce or eliminate those opportunities by using elements of the environment to:
1) control access.
2) provide opportunities to see and be seen.
3) define ownership and encourage the maintenance of territory. 

The four principles of CPTED are:

Natural Surveillance
Generally, criminals do not want to be observed. Placing physical features, activities and people in ways that minimize the ability to see what is going on discourages crime. Landscaping and lighting are two methods used to provide natural surveillance, and three main types of surveillance are natural, organized, and mechanical.

Natural Access Control
In public and semi-public spaces, properly located entrances, exits, fencing, landscaping, and lighting to direct foot and motor traffic in ways that discourage crime. Access control also includes adequate locks, doors and window barriers that keep unauthorized persons out of specific areas.

Territorial Reinforcement
People naturally protect a territory that they feel is their own, and have a certain respect for the territory of others. Clear boundaries between public and private areas achieved by using physical elements such as fences, pavement treatment, art, signs, good maintenance and landscaping are ways to express ownership. Identifying intruders is much easier in such well-defined spaces.

Maintenance and Management
Well maintained landscaping, lighting, and property cleanliness indicate ownership and guardianship; and enhance feelings of safety, reduce illegitimate use, and increase legitimate use of the property.

Roseville Police Department Business Connect program offers free CPTED Evaluations for businesses in our community.

If you would like to request a CPTED evaluation for your business, contact the Business Connect Team at or 916-746-1084.