Public Safety

ANIMAL ISSUES: I want to report a problem with an animal.
In Roseville, animal control is a division of the police department. If the problem is occurring within the city limits of Roseville, CA, call Roseville Animal Control at (916)774-5090. If it is a true emergency--an injured or endangered animal, or a dangerous animal at large, call 9-1-1 or Roseville Police dispatch at (916)774-5000 extension 1.
How can I compliment or file a complaint about a police employee?
If you want to compliment or complain about a Roseville police employee, call the Roseville Police Department at (916)774-5000 extension 1, and ask to speak to the watch commander. If this is not feasible, or you are not satisfied with the response, call the Roseville Police Department administration (chief of police's office) at 774-5010.
Phone: 916-774-5000 ext. 1
How do I get my stored or impounded vehicle released?
1. If your vehicle has simply been stored (not impounded), you may go to the storage yard and get your vehicle. You must pay all applicable towing and storage fees.   If you don't know which towing company towed your vehicle, call the Roseville Police Department dispatch center at (916)774-5000 extension 1.  They'll need the vehicle's license plate number or the name of the registered owner, and/or the location from where the vehicle was towed.

2.  If your vehicle has been impounded, and is now eligible for release, you must obtain a vehicle release from the Roseville Police Department's Records Unit during regular business hours. There is a $98 fee for impounded vehicle releases. You must furnish proof of current registration and a valid driver's license. If you do not have a valid driver's license, bring a licensed driver with you. You can then go to the storage yard and get your vehicle. You must pay all applicable towing and storage fees.
How do I report a crime?
If the crime occurred within Roseville city limits, call the Roseville Police Department at 774-5000 extension 1.  If the crime is in progress or just occurred, call 9-1-1. 


1051 Junction Blvd.

CA 95678
Phone: (916)774-5000
How do I request a hearing to get my impounded vehicle released before the 30-day holding period is up?
Download a Storage Hearing Request from this website, fill it out, and fax, mail or bring it in to the Roseville Police Department, 1051 Junction Blvd. The traffic lieutenant or sergeant will review your request and call you, or make an appointment for you to come in.
How do I start or join a neighborhood watch?
Call the Roseville Police Department Community Sevices Unit at (916)774-5050, and we will help you get started!
Phone: 916-774-5050
I am the victim in a pending criminal case, and want to know if the defendant has been bailed or released from jail?
All persons arrested in Roseville are soon moved up to the Placer County Jail in Auburn, unless the arrestee is able to post bail or is eligible to be released on promise to appear in court. Victims may call the jail and request to be notified when the defendant is released. Anyone may also check the Placer County Jail's website for a current list of everyone in custody.

Roseville Police Department Jail:  (916)774-5060

Placer County Jail:  (530)745-8500

Check the Placer County Jail website, for a current list of everyone in custody.

If you are a crime victim, you might also want to call the Victim Services department of the Placer County District Attorney's Office. They have a number of services available to help. Their number is (530)889-7021.

I received a "fix-it" ticket, and I have made the required corrections. How can I get my ticket signed off?
The Roseville Police Department offers free "fix-it ticket" verification and sign-off service on the following days and times:

Mondays from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Fridays from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

You may drop in on Mondays, Thursdays or Fridays during the list hours to be helped on a first come, first serve basis. There is no charge for this service.

1051 Junction Blvd.

Phone: 916-746-1062
I want to report child abuse
If the abuse is occuring right now, call the Roseville Police Department at 9-1-1 or at 774-5000 extension 1. If this is an ongoing situation, but there is no immediate emergency, call the Roseville Police Department at 774-5000 extension 1. 
I want to report graffiti.
The City of Roseville is committed to keeping our community sparkling clean and beautiful. Our goal is to clean up graffiti as quickly as possible, and to identify and prosecute graffiti vandals.  If you see graffiti anywhere in the City of Roseville, call (916)746-1021 anytime, 24 hours a day, and leave a message. Staff will check the line daily and take the following actions:

1. If the graffiti is on City property, it will first be photographed for documentation and future prosecution of the graffiti vandal. Then a city crew will clean it up or paint over it. Our goal is to remove all graffiti from City property within a day or two.

2.  If the graffiti is on private or commercial property, it will be photographed for documentation and future prosecution of the graffiti vandal, and then the property owner will be notified to remove the graffiti within ten days.

The Roseville Police Department finds and cites graffiti vandals. The Court orders the vandals, or their parents, to pay restitution to the City and other property owners for the damage they have caused.  Roseville Police officers have cited 27 graffiti vandals so far this year--five adults and 22 juveniles. The total restitution bill for this group of vandals will be approximately $18,000. One juvenile vandal alone caused $5,000 in clean-up costs. 

If you see someone in the act of committing graffiti vandalism, call 911. If you have information about a graffiti vandal, call Roseville Crime Stoppers at (916)783-7867. Roseville Crime Stoppers pays cash rewards for anonymous tips leading to arrest.

I want to report illegal drug activity.
If the drug dealing is occuring right now, call the Roseville Police Department at 9-1-1 or at 774-5000 extension 1. If this is an ongoing situation, but there is no immediate emergency, you may submit a tip to the narcotics investigation unit by clicking on this link. You are encouraged to provide your contact information, in case the investigators have more questions, but you are also welcome to remain anonymous. The narcotics unit will investigate all tips.
I want to report spousal abuse
If the abuse is occuring right now, call the Roseville Police Department at 9-1-1 or at 774-5000 extension 1. If this is an ongoing situation, but there is no immediate emergency, call the Roseville Police Department at 774-5000 extension 1. 
I want to report suspected gang activity.
If illegal or dangerous activity is in progress (occurring right now), call 9-1-1.  Otherwise, call the Roseville Police Department at 774-5000 extension 1 and talk to the dispatcher. Depending on the situation, the dispatcher may send a police officer out to talk to you immediately, or you may be referred to your neighborhood officer or to the Roseville Police Department's Crime Suppression Unit.
JUVENILE ISSUES: Can families get help with truancy or running away behavior?
Running way and truancy are not a criminal offenses, but they can be early indicators of serious problems. If you are a Roseville parent needing help with such issues, call the Roseville Police Department's therapist, Bev Gable, at (916)774-5017. She will discuss and assess the situation, and make specific referrals to community resources. There is no charge for this service.
JUVENILE ISSUES: I have other questions about juvenile behavior, who can I call?
You can contact the Roseville Police Therapist, who is a trained marriage and family therapist specializing in juvenile delinquency. Her number is 774-5017. 
JUVENILE ISSUES: What happens after a juvenile is cited for a crime in Roseville?
Upon receipt of the juvenile crime report, a member of the Roseville Police Department's Youth and Family services will contact the parents of the juvenile by phone. Trained social worker interns will assist families who are experiencing problematic behavior with their children. Social workers will provide direction, education and community resources as it pertains to strong-willed or defiant youth behavior. The Placer County Juvenile Probation Department will make formal written contact with the juvenile within 2 months following the citation.
Phone: 916-774-5017
JUVENILE ISSUES: What if your child displays defiant behavior, out of control behavior, but has not been cited for a crime? 
Roseville residents may call the Roseville Police Department's family therapist, Beverly Gable, at 916-774-5017. She will talk to parents, assess the situation, and recommend a wealth of community resources. There is no charge for this service.
JUVENILE ISSUES: What is a Juvenile Citation Hearing?
A Juvenile Citation Hearing is a formal probation meeting held at the Roseville Police Department. Those present at the meeting are the probation officer, social work intern, parents of the juvenile, and the cited juvenile. If the juvenile does not contest the citation and the parents give their consent, the juvenile may be assigned to Informal Probation or Peer Court depending on the nature of the offense.
JUVENILE ISSUES: What is Formal Probation for juveniles?
More serious crimes like robbery are rarely handled informally.  If the charge is a felony, the law requires the probation department to refer the case to the DA. Mandatory referral is also required when the child has had a prior crime handled informally.

The probation departments phone number is: 916-784-6432. 
JUVENILE ISSUES: What is Informal Probation for juveniles?
Under informal probation, the minor is required to observe good behavior for a period of six months and make restitution to the victim for any damages. If necessary, parents will be required to participate in Parent Project, a skill-building program for the parents of defiant or strong-willed youth.
JUVENILE ISSUES: What is Parent Project and Parent Project Teen?
Now offered in Roseville, Parent Project is a ten-week skill-building course for parents of strong-willed or defiant youth. 

Parent Project Teen is a ten-week skill-building program for juveniles ages 11-17 whose parents are participating in Parent Project.
JUVENILE ISSUES: What is Peer Court? 
Peer Court is an alternate court for juveniles. It is supervised by the Placer County Superior Court and is conducted by high school students. Peer Court will conduct a trial to determine what punishment should be given for the offense. The roles of prosecuting attorney, the defense lawyer, and the jury are all played by students. Discipline may include a fine, restitution, work project, and community service. The minor also will be required to serve as a Peer Court juror in another student's case. If the juvenile completes all the assigned tasks, the case will be dismissed. 
May I trap a cat that keeps coming onto my property and "messing"?
Yes, you may trap cats, but only on your own property. If you trap a cat, you must promptly take it to the Placer County SPCA shelter, located on Corporation Yard Road (between the Placer County Fairgrounds and Junction Boulevard).

The Roseville Police Department has a limited number of cat traps available for loan. If you wish to borrow a cat trap, please call Roseville Animal Control at (916)774-5090, and then press "4" for more information and to leave a message.
Where can I get fingerprinted for a job, license or other application?
Livescan fingerprinting is offered by a private contractor in the lobby of the Roseville Police Department, 1051 Junction Blvd. For hours and fee information call (916) 746-1039.
Why was my vehicle towed or impounded?
Police officers may impound vehicles for 30 days for any of the following reasons:

  • The driver of the vehicle has a suspended or revoked driver's license
  • The driver has never been issued a driver's license
  • The driver has engaged in street racing

Officers may also have vehicles towed and stored (not impounded) if the driver has been arrested or taken to the hospital, and the vehicle cannot be released to another licensed driver or safely secured at the scene of the incident.

Less frequently, officers may impound vehicles for an indefinite period of  time if they are needed as evidence for a criminal investigation or a traffic collision investigation.



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