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The Roseville Police Department K-9 Unit began in 1987 with two dogs. Our K-9 Teams are cross-trained in tracking, officer protection, and drug detection. Our K-9 Team training includes two training days a month, frequent training with K-9 teams from other jurisdictions and monthly training with our SWAT Team.

K-9 Officers are assigned to the Patrol Division and work a variety of shifts to ensure that their services are available to officers responding to calls for service in the City. Each K-9 Team is also on-call 24 hours a day to assist when the need arises. Currently, Department K-9 Teams are called on over 300 times per year for locating suspects, searching for drugs, searching buildings, and other uses.


Apollo and Officer Miszkewycz

Apollo (full name: Apoll von der Ost-West Verbindung) was imported from Germany in August, 2007. The team acquired Apollo in 2007, thanks to a generous donation by a citizen who wishes to remain anonymous. Apollo is certified in patrol work, narcotics detection and serves as the K9 for the Roseville/Rocklin SWAT team.
Officer Scott Miszkewycz has been with the Roseville Police Department since 2005 after spending five years with the Scotts Valley Police Department.


Eros and Officer Lawley 

Eros was imported from Canada in 2010. Eros weighs approximately 70 pounds and is cross trained in both patrol work and narcotic detection. Eros's position was paid for by drug asset forfeiture funds. Officer Gage Lawley joined the Roseville Police Department in 2005 after spending four years with the Chula Vista Police Department.


Iggy and Officer Leatherman

Iggy is the smallest dog on the team weighing in at only 65 pounds and was bred in Placer County. Iggy is trained in handler protection, building searches, tracking and narcotic detection. Iggy was funded by donations from local businesses and citizens. Iggy’s partner, Officer Matt Leatherman joined the Roseville Police Department in 2006. Matt has been the K-9 Unit’s assistant (or chew toy) for the past 2 years and was recently appointed handler.

 Asko and Officer Goodpaster

K9 Asko is an all-black (Schwarz) 75lb German Shepherd. He was imported from Saarbruken Germany and has been a part of the Roseville Police K9 team since October of 2012.  Asko is trained in narcotic detection, tracking, suspect apprehension and handler protection.  Asko's handler, Officer Ron Goodpaster, has been in law enforcement since 1992.  He served with the Placer County Sheriff's Department from 1992 to 2004 and with Roseville PD from 2004 on.  Officer Goodpaster has been a part of the Roseville Police K9 team from 2005 to 2011 serving first as agitator, then handler with K9 Drago.  After K9 Drago retired, Officer Goodpaster re-joined the team in 2012 with K9 Asko.