Prepare for the Background Investigation

The background investigation is conducted to ensure that the applicant is suitable for employment, i.e. reliable, trustworthy, and of good conduct and character. The interview provides information about the applicant’s suitability for a role, but it does not provide the total picture. Background checks help determine a candidate’s character or “fit” for the organization. Your references can fill in some of the details about your personality and the way you handle difficult situations. Having good credit can indicate that you keep your promises and are responsible with money. Accurate education credentials help ensure no fraudulent information was given and your criminal history is an indication of your character. 

The background investigation also includes a CVSA (Computerized Voice Stress Analysis) test, which assesses the truthfulness of information you provided in your personal history statement.  If you have done something in your past that you are not proud of, it is best to explain the situation and how you have changed, or are working to make changes, when you complete your personal history statement and meet with your background investigator for the first time. Your honesty and sincerity may help you overcome any concerns that could develop from information that will be discovered during the background check process.

The following will help you be prepared and assist with expediting the process:

Begin to gather the following documents: 
  • Copy of your high school diploma, GED Certificate or Certificate of High School Proficiency
  • Copy of any college diplomas you possess
  • Copy of your Social Security card
  • Copy of your current driver's license
  • Proof of automobile liability  insurance (if you are operating a vehicle in California)
  • Proof of Selective Service registration
  • Copy of your DD214 Long Form if you were in the military, along with any awards or decorations you received
  • If you have ever been married, a copy of your County-issued Marriage Certificate for each marriage
  • For any marriages dissolved, a copy of the final Dissolution/Annulment Order for each marriage dissolved
  • Copies of any certificates, awards, recognitions, etc. that you would like considered
  • Copies of all performance evaluations from past and present employers for the past seven years
Applicants often realize they have lost their Social Security card or Selective Service registration and it takes time to apply for duplicate copies.

Know how to obtain the following documents because they must be mailed from the issuing institution or agency directly to the Roseville Police Department.  We cannot accept copies from the applicant even if they are sealed.  These documents must be certified or official copies, which bear a raised/original seal:
  • Your birth certificate [Note: If you were born outside the United States, you will need to show either your original Certificate of Naturalization or U.S. Passport to the background investigator].
  • Official high school transcripts, whether or not you graduated
  • Official college transcripts from each college and university you have attended, whether or not you graduated.
Bring your driver's license when picking up your background packet from the police department.  This is needed so that your signature can be notarized before signing waivers that allow the Roseville Police to conduct a pre-employment background investigation.  In addition, be prepared to be live-scan fingerprinted and photographed.

Read all instructions carefully when provided your background packet.  Your ability to follow instructions accurately and in a timely manner is part of the background investigation process.

Complete your Personal History Statement and turn it in as quickly as possible.  It is extremely important to follow the instructions and to be as honest, complete, and thorough as possible.  Be sure to sign and/or initial each page as required.  Also be sure to include zip codes and area codes with addresses and phone numbers so the background investigator does not have to spend time tracking information down.  

Ask questions!  We are here to make the process as easy as possible. 

Need help preparing?  Contact a recruiter for more information.