Prepare for the Written Exam

All candidates are required to take a written exam, but the exam you take will be based on whether you applied as a Police Officer Trainee, Academy Graduate, or Lateral. Applicants of the Police Officer Trainee position are required to take a multiple choice true/false styled test in a scantron format while Academy Graduates and Laterals will take a report writing exam.

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Trainee Written Exam

Applicants for the Police Officer Trainee position are required to take the Entry Level Law Enforcement Exam. This exam is different than the P.O.S.T. PELLET-B exam. We do not accept the T-Score in lieu of taking our written exam.  We chose not to use the P.O.S.T. PELLET-B exam so that there is no limit to the number of times that a candidate can take the test within a 6 month time frame.
If you are a Police Officer Trainee applicant, you will be provided a date, time, and location for the Entry Level Law Enforcement Exam.  The exam is scored on a Pass/Fail basis and the pass point will be provided when the instructions are read by the proctor at the exam location prior to the start of the examination. The test can be multiple choice/true false questions which are administered in a scantron format. You will not be given your results of the exam immediately after completion.  Results from the exam will usually be emailed to you within 7 business days after the exam date.

Study guides for the Entry Level Law Enforcement exam are available for purchase at $3. Contact a recruiter to purchase a study guide, which will be yours to keep.   

Need help preparing? Contact a recruiter for more information.

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Academy Graduate and Lateral Written Exam

If you qualify as an Academy Graduate or Lateral you are expected to know what it takes to write an effective crime report. As a result, you are required to take a report writing exam so we can evaluate your ability to document an incident.  Your report writing exam will be evaluated on your ability to: identify the crime that occurred, establish the elements of the crime, include appropriate victim and suspect information and/or statements, and detail investigative steps taken while using proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. 

If you are an Academy Graduate or Lateral applicant, you will be provided a test date, time, and location. On the date of the exam, be prepared to watch a video that depicts a victim being interviewed about a crime. Once the video is complete you will fill out a face page and handwrite a report detailing the information provided in the video. You will write this report as if you were the police officer that spoke to the victim in the video. After completing the report, your report will be reviewed by Roseville Police Officers for accuracy and syntax. A pass/fail score will be given to your report by the reviewing officers and you will be notified of your score prior to leaving the test location.     

Need help preparing?  Contact a recruiter for more information.

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