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Property crime is an economic development issue for the business community because of its impact on the economic well-being of its citizens and industry.  NCORCA (Northern California Organized Retail Crime Association) was created as a collaborative partnership between retailers and law enforcement to share information at the local and regional levels and to develop innovative ways to combat unlawful Organized Retail Crime networks. NCORCA was formed in 2011 and covers from Fresno to the Oregon border, East to Sparks, NV and West to San Francisco. As of April 2016, there are 350 members and the group continues to grow.

NCORCA members meet regularly, and recently created a “crime lab” to encourage working relationships among members by meeting face to face on a recurring basis to and share information on active cases and ongoing trends in ORC crime. NCORCA also sponsors an annual Symposium for members with targeted training, to disseminate information on ORC topics, and to create networking opportunities among members. 

Membership in NCORCA is free. JOIN NCORCA


NCORCA members also receive a free membership in CrimeDex, an “online network leveraged by thousands of fraud, loss prevention, and law enforcement professionals collaborating to prevent fraud, shoplifting, and Organized Retail Crime”. Through the CrimeDex platform, members receive and create targeted alerts containing text and images. If you prefer to sign up for both at the same time, click here: NCORCA/CRIMEDEX

Sign up Instructions for NCORCA/CRIMEDEX.

Have questions? Contact NCORCA Coordinator AL Moody,

NCORCA Board of Directors

Rob Baquera
Conrad del Castillo
Benjamin Eggert
Rachelle Espinoza
Denver Floyd
Lee Frasier
Brian Heiss
Matt Hilbrink
Deborah Lanford
Taylor Magaziner
John McCallister
Al Moody
Kelby Newton
Richard Olvera
Jason Pappas
Nina Phelps
Carlos Ponce
Joe Qualls
Connie Ribble
Tyson Roberts
Sean Smith
George Torres
Orlando Torres
Chris Uribe


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